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So, Whats now. What's New. Whats Next?

Into the unknown territory of adulthood, and a podcast?!

My computer has rebooted more times than I can think...

Why, Hello there! (Said every blogsperson ever) I love how some articles of text can make you feel like your talking to someone, authentically. It's a little funny to know that not everyone will read your voice the same way you do, but I'm here for it! (there I go getting off topic again) While also worrying whether I'm on the edges of sounding like the most cliche- 2014- tumblr gal- you can get, there's a lot of that. Worry, and Im here to talk about it - or in this case should I say write.

Lately, my focus has shifted- From telling stories, to finding truth. Maybe that could be a story in its self

Don't worry if you feel like bouts of confusion, and anxiety tend to find you, I'm here to tell you its okay. now put down the ice cream, stop binging Love Island UK season 10 (although I think Mehdi and Whitney are the cutest) And lets get to work.

Work on what?

Building a community, a family. it might be an overly large one but were all connected in our own little ways. we're all human. And I can say keeping good ones around that ultimately push you to do better, be better and improve the wellness society as a whole is a pretty big picture (but Ive made it my mission for now, so deal with it)

Open to suggestions!

I'm excited to be here, my new mission, and my mistakes from my past projects bring me here, drinking an unholy amount of caffeine and spending 2 days building a website, to reveal;

My newest shenanigans, doodles, and writing my heart out, last but absolutely not least I also want to hear from you, the listener, the supporter, the you-er?

Don't be afraid to email me, I love getting emails, I've got a guy for that now (Got an email guy and I don't know how how to act) thanks for reading this tidbit here.

stay awkward my friends, while your at it here's my ever changing signature

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Jul 15, 2023

This is the sickest site ever

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